Iran to host international gas conference

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran plans to host the World Gas Conference (WOC 2) workgroup of the International Gas Union (IUG) for the first time in the country, said Massoud Samivand, Managing Director of Natural Gas Storage Company (NGSC).

The 4-day conference opens on Saturday, where representatives of over 20 countries, including France, Germany, Czech, Belarus, Poland, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, South Korea and Bulgaria will attend the meeting.

The conference held biannually in one of the member state countries, and this time it focuses on gathering and injecting CO2, Mixing flexibility of N2 plus methane as well as optimizing gas production and injection, investigating structures of hydrocorroborate, salty and hydro storage tanks.

The participants would also share their information on storing natural gas, he said.

He further highlighted Iran’s natural reserves and said the country is the second largest owner of gas reserves and the third biggest gas generator.



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