Rouhani rejected militarism in UN speech: Analyst

A political expert says Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s speech at the United Nations has left American and Israeli warmongers isolated and struggling.

In an article published on Press TV’s website on Thursday, Finian Cunningham said Rouhani “conveyed Iran is a peaceful nation that threatens no one, and is willing to join with others in creating a peaceful world… American and Israeli warmongers were left grappling vainly for detractions.”

The analyst praised Rouhani’s speech as “a paragon of rational argument” that rejected “militarism and warmongering” and offered a “way forward from conflict”.

In his address to the 68th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly, Rouhani said the Islamic Republic of Iran poses no threat to the world and Tehran is ready for talks on its nuclear energy program with complete transparency.

“The case for Iran to be treated with respect, without aggression, and to be allowed to avail of its national rights, including peaceful nuclear technology, resonated with world public opinion,” he added.

He also compared US President Barack Obama’s speech to Rouhani’s address at the same UN event as a propaganda stunt full of American “self-importance and self-justification” to “cover US militarism and illegal wars with a veneer of legitimacy”.

The analyst noted that Obama’s speech had no appeal with the people across the globe, who see him as “a twisted mouthpiece to disguise destructive interests” of the US, which has “predatory, hegemonic instincts that fuel relentless massive violence – all for the enrichment of its banking and corporate elite.”

“The appeal for reason by Iran is very much chiming with the people of the world. The American elite and their warmongering allies in Britain, France and Israel, among others, know that they are up against a powerful wave of reason and noble sentiment,” Cunningham added.

By Press TV


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