Photos: Iran in the past week

September 22- September 29
Pictures below show Iran events in the past week, including Iran taking control of Bushehr  N. Power Plant; Rouhani leaving Iran for participation in UN General Assembly; head of Iran’s (SNSC) meeting with Iraqi defence minister; president meeting with the President of the European Council; Rouhani’s Speech at the United Nations General Assembly; Zarif holding talks with G5+1  at the UN headquaters building; president addressing the NAM conference on Disarmament in New York; Iran’s president meeting with Iranians residing in the U.S; president meeting with United Nations Secretary – General; Rouhani meeting with some of the American Islamic leaders; opening of  International Exhibition on police equipment, international fair of safety and security in Tehran; President returning home after his participation in the 68th UN General Assembly; Iran Unveiling New Combat Drone and Iran bringing back ancient griffin from US.


Iran takes over Bushehr N. power plant


 President Rouhani leaves Tehran for New York


Adm. Shamkhani head of Iran’s (SNSC) met Iraqi defence minister al-Dulaimi


Meeting with the president of the European Council


 President Rouhani’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly


Zarif in the Iran – G5+1 talks at the UN headquaters building


President addressing the NAM Conference on Disarmament


president met Iranians residing in the U.S.


Dr.Rouhani meets with UN Secretary General


Meeting with some of the American Islamic leaders


Int’l Exhibition on police equipment, safety and security


President returned home after his participation in the 68th UN General Assembly


Iran unveils new combat drone


Iran brings back ancient griffin from US