Rouhani’s UN speech proved Israel isolation: Analyst

Iran’s new President Hassan Rohani takes the oath of office in Majlis on Sunday, August 4, 2013.

A political analyst says the rapturous welcome Iranian President Hassan Rouhani received at the United Nations proved the isolation of Israel in its enmity against the Islamic Republic.

Gilad Atzmon wrote in a column for Press TV on Wednesday that the warm welcome delivered a clear message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that “beware, we are gradually becoming tired of your dirty politics and pushing for wars.”

Atzmon said Israel and the Zionist lobbies would spare no efforts to shut down any opportunity for “dialogue and reconciliation” in the world.

He also played down Netanyahu’s boycott of Rouhani’s speech at the annual session of the United Nations General Assembly, saying Israel was “alone this time.”

Netanyahu was angered by Rouhani’s landmark speech at the UN General Assembly, saying the speech was “cynical”.

In a statement issued immediately after the speech on Tuesday, Netanyahu said the address was filled with “hypocrisy”.

In his address to the UN, Rouhani said the Islamic Republic of Iran poses no threat to the world and Tehran is ready for talks on its nuclear energy program with complete transparency.

The analyst also said the United Nations faces an appropriate opportunity to get Israel to annihilate its nuclear arsenal, noting that such a demand is growing across the globe.

“…There is something the UN can do: stripping Israel of its chemical, biological and nuclear arsenal,” wrote Atzmon.

“I can see such a demand brewing up and I would love to see it materializing soon,” he added.

Atzmon warned of a “tragedy” Israel will bring to the region, saying, “Even God won’t be able to save his chosen people from themselves.”

He noted that the Western governments are afraid of criticizing the Zionist regime “due to some intense Jewish lobbying and the submissive nature of contemporary Western politicians.”

By Press TV


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