Obama WMD policy a continuing fraud

“More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.” Obama continues to take his presidential credibility down in flames. After joining Western and Persian Gulf state allies to overthrow the Syrian government under the guise of an Arab Spring revolution, that hoax was clearly exposed for all when al-Qaeda emerged as Obama’s new War of Terror partner, courtesy of the al-Nusra head chopper brigades.

We all know the chemical weapons back up intervention trigger was set up just in case the 1000 various bands of insurgent bandits and gangsters were not able to coordinate a collapse of the Assad government through terror bombings, defections, massacres and assassinations which have run around 350 so far.
Assad has been no angel, but we have a huge number of people here in the US just as bad and we don’t allow foreign backed insurgents with sarin gas to help out the local opposition. It would be against the law.
All the world Intel agencies saw through the ‘red line’ trick in two seconds. Reports of the insurgents having sarin emerged multiple times, and confirmed with the Turkish arrests and al-Nusra video confessions, way more proof than Obama had. So when Assad’s forces began a steady rolling back of insurgent held territory and inflicting heavy casualties, we all knew the ‘trigger’ pulling was right around the corner.

When it happened no one was surprised. That came later when it became apparent what a three stooges operation it was. Despite their zero credibility on the Syrian mess, hidden motives, bad faith, their new terrorist allies and solid proof they were using CW… Still the Obama dummies thought they could put the CW monkey on Assad’s back, like we were all a bunch of morons out here.

He was wrong again. His plan, his tactics, his credibility were all rejected not only by the world, but by the American public, and the British people, also. The pre-emptive strike to avenge a crime against humanity perpetrated by an American ally was only averted through the advice of General Dempsey and Obama’s chief of staff.

The Russian leadership emerged as far more credible than the US, British, French Axis of Evil, and Obama’s poll numbers went into the basement along with most of Congress. America was left with a situation like when parents take off for a summer vacation and leave their teenage kids home to mind the house with a promise of ‘no parties’. You have just bought yourself a disaster.

John Kerry’s ‘give up all your chemical weapons’ goof, which the Russians jumped on immediately, fortunately brought the conflict back into the international diplomatic resolution arena. But now we have the Obama hawks trying to get back the initiative by once again wanting to put use of force on the table when the whole world is rejecting what now appears to be America’s twin negotiation tactic, using sanctions as economic strikes.

Secretary Kerry had the gall to say, “Now the test comes. The Security Council must be prepared to act next week. It is vital for the international community to stand up and speak out.” I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not having a bad dream when I read that.

Kerry said this when it is the US that has vetoed all the UN resolutions against Israel’s crimes against humanity for many decade now. America had never apologized for any of it. We have broken our own laws by ignoring Israel’s decades of WMD proliferation, any one act of which is suppose to cancel all US aid. But the American Zionist lobbies, the people who control the media, and political espionage have emasculated us from enforcing our own laws. We are a penetrated country, like a wife in an abusive marriage… we have accepted it.

Now the same shysters think they can deflect all attention from their own long sordid record by telling us that Syrian CW are the number one threat in the world, and that they are doing us a favor by wanting to threaten force to assure their eventual destruction. What Obama fears is the demands for others in the regions to give up their CW.

Obama’s spokesman has revealed that in his UN speech he is going to bet all his chips on wanting Assad removed. The man is living in an alternate universe. Mr. President, Americans could make a better case for your needing to step down, and taking your gang on incompetent pretenders with you. We will keep General Dempsey if you don’t mind.

So sir, if you are really concerned with defending America, last time I checked neither Assad or his allies have used chemical weapons in America. I am also certain that he does not have a 1000 different insurgent bands terrorizing American cities, having contests for ‘who got the most heads last week’, and even having an ‘under sixteen years old’ award category.

Assad does not have secret chemical and bio-weapons labs in Mexico, working with the drug cartel thugs to bring them over the border for use here. But America’s were recently found in the Balkans as revealed in Gordon Duff’s article last week.

What you have shown us sir is that you seem to feel the world would be a safer place if only declining, unstable Western states and Israeli have WMD. You expect all those living constantly under American overseas deployed military, conventional and WMD superiority, and a policy of preemptive use if anyone so much as looks cross-eyed at the US… to accept this a living under ‘our protection’?

You sir have become a destabilizing and major threat in your own right. What country, what foreign military and Intelligence organization would not do everything in their power to have some deterrent, of any kind, including WMD, to protect their country from the Western bullies? They have also taken an oath of office to protect their countries from all enemies.

If we wanted stability and security, you could eliminate their need for such weapons simply by rejecting our huge forward military deployment and the pre-emptive strike policy you inherited from the Bill Clinton, and Bush (43), Cheney’s sock puppet president. After all, you got the Nobel Peace prize so I think a little more is expected of you… plus you talked a good game to get the job.

So here is my deal, as your private and secret presidential adviser. And I can give you a money back guarantee on this. You need to ditch your dumb plan for the UN speech. And yes, I would have that speech writer shot. The gene poll requires some pruning now and then. I think presidents today use executive orders for stuff like that.

At the UN you renounce American exceptionalism as psy ops construction, created so the whole world would have a very good reason to hate America, because bullies are despised and hated everywhere. You then renounce America’s pre-emptive strike policy, brought to us by those most lovable of all Americans, the dual citizen Neo-Cons and their traitor gentile allies.

And lastly you open up all the Intel archives on Israel to reveal all the nasties our past administrations have done with, and for them, and allow the retired Intel community to hunt down all Israeli spies and their helpers, on a bounty system where they are paid solely from confiscation of assets. I’ve got your back on the budget, sir.

And to show you really mean it, you offer to put 20% of US combat drones under the command of those hunting these people, with a blank check on using them for the ‘hard to get’ ones. I suggest a body count limit on that though …hmmmm… let’s say something equal to what America’s drone count is overseas, including civilians of course.

We need to show we acknowledge that civilians and family members have an equal right to die policy when in the vicinity of someone being droned… something we would call, American ‘unexceptionalism’. I, of course, will claim trade mark rights to this term as my only compensation.

You sir, will get to wear your Nobel Peace prize with honor, rather than the dishonor you have brought to it with your American exceptionalism cheap propaganda. You can take all of the credit for my plan, as this will just be secret between you and me. You need it more than I do.

But do it really, sir… for the country, and for the world. They deserve it, because they have had enough of American exceptionalism to last them for a while.

By US CloseUp


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