Obama: Iran’s Supreme Leader has issued fatwah banning nuclear weapons

TEHRAN, Sep. 24 (MNA) – US President Barack Obama has said during his UN General Assembly address that Iranian has right to peaceful nuclear energy.

Barack Obama told the UN General Assembly about Syria. “I do not believe that military action by those within Syria or by external powers can achieve a lasting peace… The notion that Syria can somehow return to a pre- war status quo is a fantasy. It’s time for Russia to realize that insisting on Assad’s rule will lead directly to the outcome that they fear,” he was quoted as saying.

“We are committed to working this political trek. I welcome the influence of all nations that can help bring about a peaceful resolution of Syria’s civil war… And today I can announce that we will be providing an additional $340 million,” he added.

“I know there are those who’ve been frustrated by our unwillingness to use our military might to depose Assad and believe that a failure to do so indicates a weakening of American resolve in the region,” Obama said.

Obama then was quoted as saying that the US has been under criticism for intervention in the Middle East and had been accused of achieving nothing in return, and that the US would use all its power options including military to secure American interests in the region.

“We deeply believe it is in our interests to see a Middle East and North Africa that is peaceful and prosperous,” asserted he.

Then Obama addressed the issue of Iran. “The United States and Iran have been isolated from one another since the Islamic revolution of 1979. This mistrust has deep roots. But if we solve the Iran’s nuclear issue, greater steps would be taken based on mutual respect. Since I took office, I’ve made it clear in letters to the supreme leader in Iran and more recently to President Rouhani that America prefers to resolve our concerns over Iran’s nuclear program peacefully — although we are determined to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. We are not seeking regime change.”

“Meanwhile, the supreme leader has issued a fatwah against the development of nuclear weapons. And President Rouhani has just recently reiterated that the Islamic republic will never develop a nuclear weapon…But to succeed, conciliatory words will have to be matched by actions that are transparent and verifiable,” said he.

Obama said that “we are encouraged that President Rouhani received from the Iranian people a mandate to pursue a more moderate course, and given President Rouhani’s stated commitment to reach an agreement, I am directing John Kerry to pursue this effort with the Iranian government in close cooperation.”

Obama also hinted at the Israeli-Palestinian issue, saying that “I’ve made it clear that the United States will never compromise our commitment to Israel’s security, nor our support for its existence as a Jewish state.”

By Mehr News Agency


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