French analyst: President Rouhani visit to NY can be trouble-shooting

Paris, Sept 24, IRNA – A French analyst has said the current visit to New York of President Hassan Rouhni could be effective and trouble-shooting as it is taking place in line with the United Nations policy of constructive interaction which is respected by Tehran.

Jacob Cohen, the anti-Zionism Jewish-origin French writer, told IRNA in a recent exclusive interview in Paris that the decade-long story of Iran’s so-called efforts to develop atomic-bomb was in fact a game by the West to isolate the Islamic Iran at the international scene.

Cohen said US believes there should be no country in the Middle East with the power and capability of opposing its expansionism and countering the Zionist regime. Thus Washington and Tel Aviv are determined to eliminate any regional country which has the power of confronting the Usurper regime of Israel, he added.

According to Cohen, efforts by US and Zionists to portrait Iran as an atomic bomb-developing country was just an excuse to prevent Tehran from making any progress. They would have even attacked Iran on the very same pretext, said the French analyst.

He argued that Washington has always been in need of waging wars against other countries as a means to save its entity, economy and war-related industries, adding that US and, similarly its puppet regime in the region, Israel, could not survive without wars.

Washington and Tel Aviv are trying to maintain their dominance over Muslim and poor countries through wars, Cohen said, stressing that in the past three decades Iran has always been faithful to its stands in the international arenas.



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