NIOC assures supplying adequate fuel in winter

TEHRAN Sep 22 (Shana): Director of supervision and coordinating production at National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) says upstream sector is fully prepared to meet fuel needs in winter.

The NIOC’s official, Amir Masoud Jabbari Rad, said efforts are underway in upstream sector to guarantee supplying enough fuel in winter amid NIGC, refining and petrochemical sectors efforts to produce and storing a desirable level of fuel for winter.

We will do all we can to supply enough fuel for cold days, he said adding we hope to leave behind upcoming winter without any problem as we did last year, he told Shana.

He further referred to Petroleum Minister’s emphasize on paying special attention to the issue stating rising gas output assures that the country will face no problem in providing fuel in winter.

Petroleum ministry has held various sessions on the issue dating back to summer in order to assess the status of output, consumption and storage.

Currently total gas production of the country stands at 700 million cubic meters per day of which Iran’s Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC) and South Pars Gas Complex each account for production of 300 mcm/d while the remainder is being provided through gathering associated gases in oil fields located south of the country.

Round the clock efforts for launching South Pars gas field phases 15 and 16 and part of phase 12 before coming winter is part of efforts under way by Ministry of Petroleum to assure providing fuel needs in winter.



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