Iran’s sole Jewish lawmaker says he will accompany new president on trip to United Nations

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) Iran’s only Jewish lawmaker says he will be part of President Hasan Rouhani’s delegation to the United Nations.

Siamak Moreh Sedgh, who represents Iran’s Jewish community in the country’s parliament, told The Associated Press on Thursday that he will accompany Rouhani on his visit to New York. Moreh Sedgh says he is just waiting for his U.S. visa.

This represents the first time the Iranian president will be accompanied by a Jewish lawmaker to the U.N. The move is seen as fulfilling Rouhani’s promise to give a bigger role in governance to minorities in the country.

Iran’s Jewish population is the largest Jewish community in the Middle East after Israel. In the 1990s, Jewish lawmaker Morris Moatamed accompanied then-parliament speaker Mahdi Karroubi to New York.

By The New York Times


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