Iran halting gasoline imports in near future

TEHRAN Sep 17 (Shana): Domestic gasoline production will rise by 6 to 7 million liters per day up to the end of current Iranian calendar year to March 2014 when the gasoline imports is no longer needed, Iranian minister of petroleum said.

‘When CNG distribution to be increased across the country and new refining projects including Persian Gulf Star refinery come online, gasoline imports will come to a halt, Zanganeh told Shana.

He continued: right now gasoline consumption is more than the level being produced at home so the country imports several million liters of the product each day.

On gasoline production by petrochemical complexes, Zanganeh said: petrochemical plants supply part of the product but it will decline along with rising gasoline production by domestic refineries.

Arak, Jam, Borzoyeh, Amir Kabir, aromatic unit at Imam Khomeini and Boali Sina are the six petrochemical plants have started production of 17 million liters of gasoline and 9 million liters of gasoil per day following  imposing sanctions against gasoline export to the country.

Since ten years ago Iran has started building seven oil refiners aiming at daily production of 108 million liters of gasoline, 83 million liters of gasoil, 25 million liters of fuel oil, 17 million liters of LPG and 14 million liters of kerosene. 


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