Ashton’s spokesman: We hope Iran’s new team follows positive interaction

TEHRAN (ISNA)- A spokesman for EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton, Michael Mann expressed the hope that the new Iranian nuclear negotiating team would follow positive interaction, as reiterating that the G5+1 proposals for Iran in New York would be the same ones discussed in Almaty meeting.

Speaking to ISNA in an exclusive interview and Asked about the date of Ashton’s meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, he said, the time of meeting has not been scheduled precisely. “The meeting is scheduled for in early days of the UN General Assembly meeting.”

Also regarding any meeting between Zarif and G5+1 on the sidelines of the UN annual meeting, he said, “That what happens should be investigated in Ashton-Zarif meeting.”

Elsewhere, regarding any new proposal by G5+1 for the new Iranian nuclear negotiating team, Mann said, “We put good proposals on the table in Almaty and we hope Iran would respond to it in an appropriate way.”

Asked about any change in the G5+1 approach, the EU official said, “We have always had positive approach. We want participation in serious talks which lead to a solution through dialogues. We hope that the new Iranian negotiating team would follow positive interaction.”

Also regarding subject of talks between Ashton and Zarif, he said the two sides would mainly discuss advancement of Iranian nuclear issue.



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