CIA begins delivering weapons to militants in Syria

The United States has begun delivering weapons to foreign-backed militants in Syria, a major escalation of the US role in stirring unrest in the Syrian crisis.

The CIA and State Department began shipping weapons through Turkey and Jordan over the past two weeks, The Washington Post reported, citing US officials.

The weapons include vehicles, sophisticated communications equipment and advanced combat medical kits, the report said.

US officials say they are determined to increase the cohesion and structure of the militant units fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

“This doesn’t only lead to a more effective force, but it increases its ability to hold coalition groups together,” said Mark S. Ward, the State Department’s senior adviser who coordinates aid to militants from southern Turkey.

The Obama administration has signaled for months that it would increase aid to the Syrian militants.

Meanwhile, the US Navy’s top civilian said Wednesday that American warships in the Mediterranean are ready to “strike hard” against the Syrian government if ordered by President Barack Obama.

President Obama has sent Congress a draft resolution for the use of military force against Syria based on an accusation that Damascus used chemical weapons last month against militants. Syrian authorities categorically rejected the allegation.

Now Washington has signaled that it would stop plans to strike Syria if Damascus agrees to put its chemical weapons under international control, an idea proposed by Russia.

By Press TV


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