Al-Qaeda; a US, Israeli tool to further Greater Israel Project: Glenn

File photo shows an al-Qaeda militant in Yemen.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mark Glenn, an author and journalist from Idaho, to shed more light on the issue of 9/11 attacks and the official narrative of the event presented by the US government.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mark Glenn what about you? Which camp are you in? Do you doubt the government’s accounts of 9/11?

Glenn: Well, of course the same government that has told us that 19 Muslims flew these airliners into the buildings on 9/11 is also the same government that told us that Saddam Hussein was busy building weapons of mass destruction that would then be used against America and now 11 years after the fact there has yet been one weapon of mass destruction in Iraq that has been found.

So the US government has demonstrated, on too many occasions, that it cannot be trusted especially when it comes to issues involving Israel, that it will always lie, it will always do whatever is necessary to protect Israel whether it is shielding Israel in the UN in the form of vetoing condemnations against Israel’s barbaric behavior in the Middle East or whether it is giving Israel a pass on the spying and the sabotage that she perpetrates against the people of the United States.

Press TV: Mark Glenn, the Building Seven that Lee Kaplan (other guest of the show) talked about, I mean that is one of the many controversies of 9/11, is basically a pool of architects, analysts, they have concluded that the collapse was a controlled demolition. It is proven by these architects and just the footage that they show, and I am sure that you have seen some of this footage, whether it is in documentaries or what have you. So is not there at least a standing for having a doubt on this Building Seven?

Glenn: Sure, there are only two topics where scholars are prohibited from applying the scientific method in studying this and in questioning the official narrative. One of which is the holocaust; we are not allowed to look into that, we have to accept whatever the Zionist interest says happened in that event and then of course there is 9/11.

Even though we have plenty of concrete, no pun intended, anomalies here that say that it could not have happened the way that it happened.

I did not get my degree in structural engineering but I do know a little bit about physics, I do know a little bit about freefall and I do know that those buildings fell in a freefall fashion.

The timing of them falling in the way that they could, it is simply, physically impossible for them to have fallen like that in a freefall-type of situation without it having being done by deliberate demolitions and that…, we are not even talking about Building Seven.

We are told…, the official narrative here is that these two airliners that were flown into the Twin Towers were responsible for destroying these buildings. Now were was the airliner flying into Building Seven that led to its destruction? That is a big, glaring question that needs to be answered and I think that will not be answered by the people who have a lot to hide by an honest and open investigation into what took place on 9/11.

Press TV: Mark Glenn, what I find interesting is the reasons behind al-Qaeda terrorist organization to be behind this, is the fact that it was in retaliation for America’s support of Israel and I bring that up because I just need to note how Glen Greenwald said that the NIE ranked Israel as third most aggressive intelligence service against the United States.

Tell us your reaction on this tweet that Glenn Greenwald sent.

Glenn: Yes, absolutely. He is 100 percent correct. The United States government considers Israel to be one of the most aggressive and dangerous countries with regards to spying on the United States and not only in the political and a military sense but in an industrial sense as well.

Israel takes our technology and sells them to our enemies. Let us talk a little bit about spying and 9/11. It is an established fact that the only arrest that took place on the morning of 9/11 were five Israeli intelligence officers who just conveniently happened to be across the river in the Liberty State Park, New Jersey, who were witnessed by individuals, as filming the towers coming down and cheering and who after being arrested and quietly sent back to Israel by Michael Chertoff, admitted on Israeli TV that they were Mossad and that they had been sent to “document the event”.

Now if Israel had no foreknowledge of this happening, if they had no foreknowledge of this happening, why were they in this position?

It was not just these five intelligence officers that were arrested on the morning of 9/11 but as many as 200 other Mossad agents that were arrested prior to and immediately after 9/11, all of whom failed lie detector tests about who they were, they all had military training especially with electronic intercepts and with the handling of explosives and these individuals were all sent back to Israel.

Now if Israel had no foreknowledge of this then how is it that this five intelligence…, and do not tell me that it did not happen; the US government has stated, it has been on every mainstream news source in the world, even the Israeli media has covered this story. Mr. Kaplan you are a pathological liar and nobody but you believes your lies.

You are an absolute liar…

Press TV: Mark Glenn, al-Qaeda friend of foe of the United States?

Glenn: Al-Qaeda is the creation of the CIA. Even Hillary Clinton admitted that that these are our guys…

Al-Qaeda is an enemy of the American people but it is an instrument of American and Israelis’ intelligence.

Without al-Qaeda the United Sates and Israel would not have waged wars in the Middle East. This is obvious; this is what is taking place in Syria, what took place in Libya.

Without it there would be no war on terrorism, there would be no Greater Israel Project, which Benjamin Netanyahu and his clan are pushing. This is a hundred years war, Benjamin Netanyahu recently said it and they are firmly intent upon setting the entire Middle East on fire in order to make room for Greater Israel. That is what this war on terror is all about, in addition to war against Islam because it is the only philosophical impediment to the takeover of the entire world…

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