President: This year’s budget to decrease 600K billion rials

Tehran, Sept 11, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said in his TV report to the people, “Revising the current year’s 2,110,000 billion rial budget and shrinking it to 1,500,000 billion rials, means a 600,000 billion rial budget decrease.

President Rouhani added, “By revising the 1392 (Iranian year) budget, the real figure of the budget will be announced for the people, because the government tells the truth, and as a first step it is observing transparency in budget’s case.”

Pointing out that the country is under inflationary recession conditions, he reiterated, “Under the conditions of inflationary recession, long term and short term economic plans for the problems have been devised to resolve the country’s economic problems, while the Economy Ministry and the government’s Economic Affairs Headquarters have been commissioned to present the government’s midterm and short term plans for 1393 (Iranian year) budget.”

The president stressed, “All the same we need the people’s support, as without the people’s participation the existing problems cannot be resolved.”

He said that the government’s Economic Affairs Headquarters, as it was announced to the people, was commissioned at the 1st session of the cabinet to prepare a plan and present it to the government within 15 days to contribute to economic blossoming in the short term and that plan was surveyed at this week’s Sunday session of the cabinet.

After a short elaboration about the articles of the plan, the president said that its goals include increasing production, creating jobs, decreasing administrative bureaucracy, and encountering the ‘internal sanctions’ so that the importers and the manufacturers would be able continue their economic activities at ease.

Rohani reiterated that during the course of the past few years the equation between dollar and the Iranian rial was tripled from 10,000 to 30.000, and therefore, the manufacturers and the importers, too, have been needing a tree-fold liquidity, thus facing a great obstacle for opening L/Cs at the banks, and leading to problems for the manufacturers.

He spoke about the plans for solving those problems, arguing, “The problems for the producers lead to problems for the consumers, and therefore a blossoming business also decreased the costs for the consumers.”

The president informed that many of the Customs Organization’s unnecessary procedures have been eliminated so as to provide for economic blossoming in the country, and to provide for profitable commercial activities and trade.

President Rohani said that the general points of the law for a blossoming economy have been ratified at the Parliament, and its details are under survey there, expressing hope that the law would really work well.
The head of the country’s executive power said that the government would provide the entire requirements of the private sector to see it blossoming, so that production would accelerate.



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