Iran to screen documentary disclosing facts on 9/11 attack

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran plans to unveil a documentary disclosing a series of truths about September 11 attacks in New York, without disclosing name of the producers.

The product dubbed ‘K.S. Cases’ will be showcase in Iran on the verge of the US illegitimate attack on Syria. Kurt Sonnenfeld, former agent of the US Emergency Management’s “Crisis Center”, who was among the few people allowed to capture video from the 9/11 attack, presents documentations about the event.

The US agent displays documentaries about the US chemical weapons depots and 9/11 attacks in the film for the first time which could challenge the US administration’s claims in the eyes of the public opinion regarding the attack.

The documentary is scheduled to be displayed on Monday without presenting names of the makers or any title due to producers fear of the situation overseas.

40 television channels across the world have called for showcasing the documentary made in three 52-minute episodes.

The documentary includes footages of the US chemical weapons depots in Colorado, Iota, Virginia and etc. It also talks about the tunnels made inside the mountains as well as M55 missiles targeted Iran during the 8-year imposed war against Iran.

Kurt who has been under house arrest and was forced to surrender some of his films, said he could manage to secure some of his products. He has taken refuge in Argentina since a few years ago.

Kurt is the only filmmaker who managed to capturing videos of the 9/11 attack second after collapse of the twin towers in New York.



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