US government lies about 9/11, Syria all the time: Lindorff

Press TV has conducted an interview with David Lindorff, an investigative journalist from the city of Philadelphia to further discuss the opening of a new museum in the US, dedicated to the 9/11 incident.

What follows is rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Lindorff, looking at the US’ hostility, one might say, at the real questions that have been raised, questioning the official narrative of the 9/11 incident, what kind of questions do you think this museum is going to raise?

Lindorff: Well, it is going to, obviously, highlight for people, who have open minds about this, the many unanswered questions.

We know that the official story is that a bunch of fairly uneducated and untrained people from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and a few other places flew planes into the buildings and into the Pentagon and destroyed the buildings and killed a lot of people but most people who have looked at the evidence think that there are huge holes in the official story.

I myself talked to witnesses who saw the flight boxes found in the wreckage and yet when I called the National Transportation and Safety Agency and asked about them, the guy said well, do you want the official answer or the true answer as to where they are? Because the FBI had said that they did not exist in the investigation into the accident, which was sort of ridiculous; and I said of course I want the true answer and he said well it will have to be off the record then, and I said okay! And he told me we found them (Flight boxes) for them, we had them at the National Transportation and Safety Agency and the FBI took them.

So, you know, there is obviously, stuff that is being hidden, that is only a piece that I know for myself as a reporter, because I got the information firsthand not from hearsay and so we know that something is being (kept) hidden from us here and, you know, I would say that given the lies that we are seeing now in Syria about Assad being behind the gas attack in Damascus when even the retired CIA agents are saying that the evidence is the opposite and that it is the rebels that set off the poison gas, should show us that this government in the United States lies all the time to its people and to the world.

Press TV: Well, also looking at what the museum’s director has said, saying that this museum is not expected to give answers to the questions of the visitors, it, sort of, underlines the whole narrative around 9/11, so to speak, where questions are not really being answered. Would not you agree?

Lindorff: Well, I think that that’s fair but, you know, in fairness to the museum. I do not think that it is the job of the museum to provide the answers but if it does raise questions, that would be a good thing.

I will have to go to see the museum, but if they present it in a way that simply gives the governments narrative that would be just a propaganda ploy but if they are raising questions and saying that this has not been answered yet and causes people to think then that is a good thing, that is what the museum should do.

By Press TV


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