Obama downs AP’s pleas for evidence of Syria’s chemo-warfare

Nasim–The White House repeatedly denied requests by the Associated Press for evidence on the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government based on which the US has mounted rhetoric of war against the Muslim country.

The U.S. government insists it has the intelligence to prove it, but the public has yet to see a single piece of concrete evidence produced by U.S. intelligence — no satellite imagery, no transcripts of Syrian military communications — connecting the government of President Bashar Assad to the alleged chemical weapons attack last month that killed hundreds of people,” wrote AP in a skeptical piece Sunday about the Obama administration’s public case for military intervention in Syria in response to a reported Aug. 21 chemical attack.

The Obama administration has threatened to strike Syria militarily over the Syrian government’s alleged involvement in attacks that purportedly killed over a 1,000 individuals including civilians.

The Obama administration says its own assessment is based mainly on satellite and signals intelligence, including intercepted communications and satellite images indicating that in the three days prior to the attack that the regime was preparing to use poisonous gas.

Meanwhile the administration has denies requests for the release of copious amounts of satellite imagery it claims it possesses.

The Obama administration maintains it intercepted communications from a senior Syrian official on the use of chemical weapons, but requests to see that transcript have been denied. So has a request by the AP to see a transcript of communications allegedly ordering Syrian military personnel to prepare for a chemical weapons attack by readying gas masks.

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