Obama, Hitler’s stand-in: Iranian lawmaker

Nasim–Reluctance of the international community to endorse a US-led military strike on Syria is an indication that the world’s conception of the Washington is nothing but a liar, said an Iranian lawmaker, saying that Barack Obama is acting like a Hitler substitute.

“By supporting Syrian insurgents and endorsing their assaults on the Syrian government troopers, Obama resembles Hitler in the region,” said Seyyed Hossein Naghavi Hosseini, spokesperson of the National Security Committee and Foreign Policy of Iran’s Islamic Assembly.

Speaking with Nasim, Hosseini asserted that the US is pursuing its material interests by blowing on its war rhetoric against the Asian Muslim nation of Syria.

“Fighting terrorism and materializing human rights in Syria are not what the US is after by attacking Syria,” said the Iranian lawmaker. “They are just after their own interests in Syria.”

The White House attacked Afghanistan in a bid to fight terrorism, but now the two terrorist groups of Al Qaeda and Taliban are stronger than ever, said Hosseini.

By Nasim Online


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