Badbadak ensemble to stage opera on Persian poet Mowlavi

The Iranian music ensemble Badbadak is planning to perform an opera on the Persian mystic and poet Mowlavi in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

The program titled ‘Now Shams’ is scheduled to be performed at Tehran’s Andisheh Hall on September 10 and 11, 2013.

Composed by Amir Hossein Hassannia, the opera is a blend of classical Iranian music and western selections. Iranian vocalist Bamdad Falahati is to perform the program.

Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Balkhi, known Mowlavi in Persian, was the 13th-century Iranian poet, mystic and theologian.

Mowlavi who is also known as Rumi in Western countries, was born in Balkh (now part of Afghanistan) and passed away in Konya, Turkey, where he was laid to rest.

During his 66-years of life, he has left a legacy of major poetic and prose works; among them, The Quatrains (rubaiyat),Divane-Shams (or the great works of Shams and Fihe Ma Fi (a collection of mystical sayings).

Mowlavi is better known for his six-volume Masnavi Ma’navi (spiritual couplets) which is considered by many to be one of the greatest works of both Islamic mysticism and Persian literature.

Iran has presented various programs on Mowlavi in the country as well as other states to pay tribute to the poet and introduce him to other nations.

By Press TV


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