Al-Alam reporters attacked in Syria’s Ma’loula

TEHRAN (FNA)- Al-Alam reporting team was attacked by Al-Qaeda-linked militants in the Syrian historic town of Ma’loula, in Northeast of capital Damascus.

Head of al-Alam bureau in Syria, Hussein Murtaza, said Sunday afternoon that a team of reporters, who were the only press team entering Ma’loula with the Syrian army, came under attack by Al-Qaeda-linked militants who tried to enter the town.

Two shots were fired at their vehicle, he said, adding that fortunately no one was injured in the attack.

This is the second attack this month on al-Alam press team in Syria.

Syrian army soldiers recaptured Ma’loula, which is one of the most beautiful and historic towns near capital on Thursday.

However, clashes have been going on in the past couple of days with militants trying to enter and retake the town.

Many civilians have fled the area, which is dominated by Christian Syrians.

Syria is bracing against a possible US attack which Washington has been threatening to conduct anytime soon.

Tensions rose high in the region after US said it was planning to attack Syria over conflicting reports of a chemical attack which they blamed it on the Syrian government based on anti-Syria militants’ claims.

Damascus has categorically denied using chemicals and has said it had evidence that showed the foreign-backed militants conducted the attack to open the way for their western supporters to enter the war.

Washington, which has been supporting the anti-Syria militants both politically and militarily, had said before that using chemicals is its redline and it would only enter directly in the war if the Syrian army used chemical weapons.

Reports of the alleged attack emerged on August 21, after militants posted videos and photos of dead bodies, foamed in their mouths, and claimed the army conducted the attack on people in Ghouta, near capital.

Ghouta is a militant-held area and the army soldiers have been denied access to it for months.

By Fars News Agency


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