Syrian envoy: Turkey involved in ‘terrorist war’ on Damascus

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Syrian Ambassador to Iran reiterated Turkey has been involved in ‘terrorist war’ on Syria, and said Turkey has been one of tools of practicing western-plots in the region.

“Turkey is one of the main tools for putting into practice the Western-US plans against Syria which has supported terrorist groups, killing people and committing crimes,” Adnan Hassan Mahmoud told ISNA, as blaming Turkey for killing Syrian people including women and children.

“Ankara is the accomplice of terrorist and takfiri groups in killing Syrian nation. Any aggression against Syria will result in failure of the US projects and its mercenaries in the region and they will be defeated for sure,” he added.

Turkey has been involved in the ‘terrorist war’ started two years ago against Syria and has been involved in terrorist attacks against the country, Mahmoud said, adding Ankara has helped takfiri and terrorist groups including al-Qaeda and al-Nusra front.

Turkey has told western media that al-Nusra front has used Sardine gases inside Turkish laboratories, Mahmoud said, adding Ankara also assisted the rebels and terrorist groups to launch chemical attacks in Khan al-Assal and al-Bait al-Halab districts.



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