Syria to US lawmakers: Vote against war

Syria’s Parliament Speaker Jihad al-Laham has called on American lawmakers to vote against a resolution authorizing a war against Syria.

Syrian news agency SANA reported on Friday that al-Laham made the appeal in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner.

He called for cooperation in combating terrorism in Syria and urged “a civilized dialogue and not… a dialogue of blood and fire.”

“We write to you as fathers and mothers, as members of families and communities which really are not so different to yours. Moreover, we write to you as human beings asking: if you bomb us, shall we not bleed?!” read the letter. “The innocent people will be harmed.”

The speaker also called on American lawmakers to “come to Syria to measure the situation before you cut — especially when the cloth that will be cut is human flesh.”

“We can together generate a road map for a joint effective effort against terrorism.”

On Wednesday, a Senate panel voted to give President Barack Obama the authority to use military force against Syria.

The 18-member Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 10-7.

The resolution which authorizes the Obama administration to launch a military strike on Syria is expected to come before the two chambers of Congress for a final vote next week.

The recent war rhetoric against Syria first gained momentum on August 21, when the militants operating inside the Middle Eastern country and its foreign-backed opposition claimed that over a thousand people had been killed in a government chemical attack on the outskirts of Damascus.

The Syrian government categorically rejected the accusation.

Nevertheless, a number of Western countries, including the US, France, and the UK, quickly started campaigning for war.

Blatant calls for war by the Obama administration have not faded despite reluctance by some of its closest allies to engage in any military intervention in Syria.

Obama has sought authorization for strikes on Syria from a skeptical Congress.

The UN, Iran, Russia, and China have warned against war.

By Press TV


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