Former NATO official calls for peaceful settlement of Syrian crisis

TEHRAN (FNA)- A Former NATO official and member of Norwegian Labor Party urged all parties involved in the crisis in Syria to find a peaceful solution and refrain from war in the volatile Middle-East region.

“The situation in Syria is very grave, and every day which passes without an end to the hostilities results in more innocent civilians killed or pushed to flee,” Signe Brudeset told FNA on Tuesday.

“The Norwegian Labor Party therefore urges all parties in the conflict to cease hostilities and work for a peaceful solution,” she underlined.

Asked about the use of chemical weapons in Syria, Brudeset implied that the Syrian government had done a good job by allowing the UN inspectors to investigate the alleged attack and visit the contaminated areas, and said, “It is of utmost importance that UN inspectors are allowed to do their job, and to publish their report unhindered.”

She also stressed the importance of an international consensus to decide about the situation in Syria, and said, “The Norwegian Labor Party puts great emphasis on the role of the UN Security Council. It is our view that the Security Council must come together to reach agreement on possible new next steps from the international community.”

By Fars News Agency


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