Investment in Mansouri Field Saves $35,000 A Barrel

TEHRAN (FNA)- Investment in the onshore Mansouri oil field has saved the country 35,000 dollars in production of each barrel of oil, the oil ministry said.

“The investment needed for the production of each barrel of oil in the development of Mansouri field stood at nearly 3,000 dollars. Given the current prices, 35,000 dollars have been saved in the production of each barrel of oil from this field,” a report said.

In some development projects, particularly buy-back contracts, between 30,000 and 40,000 dollars need to be monetized for each extra barrel of oil to be produced.

Mansouri field is under development to raise its production from 60,000 b/d to 100,000 b/d. The development project is 97.5 percent completed and the only remaining section is a desalting unit to treat 75,000 b/d. Mansouri started production in 2007.

Sultan Kamali, director of Salman development project, told Shana that sustained production and swift implementation of the project are the reasons behind the success of the project.

The API of the Asmari reservoir of Asmari field is around 29 and holds 450 cubic feet per barrel of gas condensate.

The first package in Mansouri development was comprised of designing 3D seismic testing, data collection and data processing. The second package involved analyzing the core of Well No. 60 of Mansouri and analyzing seismic data in view of raising production to 150,000 b/d.

The third package focused on geophysical and environmental studies as well as studying new methods of controlling the well sand control and the fourth package was drilling a new well and completing seven other wells.

The fifth package involved finding methods to raise the processing capacity of the field to 100,000 b/d.

The sixth package was related to a new desalting unit and the seventh one was for laying out oil pipeline.

Only the sixth package has remained to be completed. Mansouri field is located 60 kilometers north of the Persian Gulf.

By Fars News Agency


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