Carlos Quiroz clarification statement on Iran’s national football team

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran’s national football team head coach, Carlos Quiroz clarified his opinions about the latest version of his struggle with the head of Iran’s league committee Mehdi Taj and other developments around the preparation of Iranian football team before 2014 world cup.

He points out exclusively for ISNA the following statement:





Taking in consideration the last public comments issues by Mr Taj, League President,

I regret to be force to inform, Iranian Football public opinion that, unfortunately, the statements reproduce

in the Press :


1- They are not accurate, not correct and they only confuse and hide from

Iranian Football Fans and The Football Community in the Contrary the real facts and truth.

2-The National Team preparation program, was submit and delivery by The National Team Coach, and later, was submit to the public opinion, during one Press Conference.

3- My vision, principles and commitment To the World Cup Preparation are very well known, by All.

4- It is not acceptable to come to a simple conclusion that, the National Team Coah

“Asked for Esterghlal, Foolad, Sepahan and Tractor, play ACL, without their National Team Players”.

5- It is not acceptable to come to a simple conclusion that, I request Hazfi Cup to be played without National Team Players”

6- Never, in any circumstances I personally ask or request to speak to the Clubs, because it is not part of my duties and obligations to do that. The truth it is exactly the opposite, Mr. Taj, President of the League ask me to do that.



Taking in consideration the last events surrounding Team Meli and some comments reproduce in the press, I regret to be force to inform the Football Public Opinion of the fowling:


1- Five months are gone since delivery to IRFF/League my first Vision/ Plan regarding The Word Cup Preparation Concept.

2-During the last 5 months, we been meeting several times (more than 10 times) with Federation and League Officers.

3- Unfortunately, due to AFC Calendar and Champions League Competition, and Asian Cup there are no many options available.

4- The World Cup in Brazil 2014, should be, it is my belief, the most important Commitment of Iranian Football for the present season, 2013/2014.

5- The World Football Cup It is, with no doubts, the SPORT, CULTURE, and SOCIAL Event ever

produce with a large scale impact, by Human Beings.

6- It is my God belief and I am very much confident to say it, that the large majority of the People in this Country, They share with me, the same Wish and Dream:

“Team Meli participation in World Cup Brazil must bring Joy, Honor and Pride for Football in Iran”.

7- In order to achieve that Goal and Dream, It is crucial to support and develop one competent and outstanding Preparation Program. We don’t have another option.

8- The program that was presented introduces 2 options.

9- All it is necessary to do is, “to make a decision”, between option 1 and option 2.

10- The truth, it is completely different from Mr Taj statments. The National team coach only ask and request from Iranian football Officials to choose and make a decision , what they believe should be done, regarding the National Team Program, that was presented.

11- We are running out of time, again and again. We reach one limit that is important, it is crucial to stop playing games with the interests of Team Meli. At least, not at my cost anymore and enough is enough.

12- To be (Prepare) or not to be (Prepare), that is the question.


Dear Football Iranian Football Friends, the question is very simple:


-Can Iranian Football, once for all, make a decision or not?

-Can Iranian Football support and delivery to Team Meli one accurate and efficient

World Cup Preparation Program? YES or NO?

-Can Iranian Football, be able to say, Yes or NO?


Simple like that.


During the last 2 seasons, Team Meli suffers from lack of support and commitment.


During the qualification process, Team Meli, no matter all the problems and obstacles,

that we face during our journey, we fight together for Team Meli and We Delivery the World Cup Qualification to Iranian Football, with no excuses and no complains.


Iranian Football is on its way to Brazil.


With all respect and on behalf of Team Meli, can you please, make a decision? Yes or No?


With all my respect and affection,


Carlos Quiroz


31, august, 2013.



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