Palestinian resistance movement voices readiness to defend syria against US threats

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Palestinian Fatah al-Intifada (Fatah Uprising) Movement strongly lashed out the US for its intensified war rhetoric against Syria, and stressed that it is ready to make use of all its capabilities to defense the Muslim country against a foreign aggression.

Palestinian resistance movements active in Syria announced this week that after Syria openly welcomed and hosted the Palestinian refugees and movements, now these movements feel duty-bound to defend the Syrian soil and people.

“Any aggression against any country or resistance partners is regarded aggression against all noble Arabs and under such conditions, it will be our duty to confront the US, the Israeli occupiers and their allies in a single front,” Yasser al-Masri who runs the Information Dissemination Center of Fatah Uprising told FNA in Damascus on Saturday.

He said since the US and Israel are enemies of the axis of resistance, attacking them will be a natural move for any resistance movement, specially in Syria which is in the frontline of the countries which form the axis of resistance and confrontation with the occupying Israelis, and for the same reason it is “our duty to prepare ourselves for any US and western aggression”.Fatah al-Intifada (Fatah Uprising) is a Palestinian resistance movement founded by Colonel Said al-Muragha, better known as ‘Abu Musa’.

The group is often referred to as the ‘Abu Musa Faction’. Officially it refers to itself as the Palestinian National Liberation Movement .

Earlier this week, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) underlined that Islamic resistance movements and Damascus are fully ready to confront and respond to any potential US attack on the Muslim country, reiterating preparedness for the worst and most dangerous scenarios.

“The Islamic resistance and Syria have prepared themselves for the most dangerous options,” PFLP’s Information Dissemination Director Anwar Raja told FNA’s correspondent in Damascus.

He pointed to the preparedness of the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance movements to confront possible threats and aggressions in the region, and said, “If needed these two Islamic resistance movements are fully ready to carry out the necessary missions.”

Raja reiterated that PFLP is ready to respond to any possible foreign military intervention in Syria by targeting the interests of invading states, and explained that the reason behind such a full-scale response lies in the fact that “a military aggression on Syria will actually mean targeting the entire axis of resistance and will not merely be restricted just to that country”.

By Fars News Agency


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