Iran wants regional peace: Lawmaker

Islamabad, Aug 28, IRNA – A Pakistani parliamentarian on Wednesday said that Iran wants to maintain peace in the region despite having capability to respond to any kind of military misadventure.

Talking to IRNA, Senator Kamil Ali Agha of Pakistan Muslim League- Quaid-e-Azam said that Iran has never adopted the policy of aggression.

“Iran is a peace loving nation,” added the politician.

The Senator said that Iran has constantly been following the policy of peace. The lawmaker said that the Islamic Republic is interested in having close cooperation and strong relations with all of its neighbors.

“Iran is very powerful state but maintaining peace is its sole objective,” said the political leader. He added that Iranian army is very strong and has the ability to successfully respond to any kind of military misadventure.

The legislator said that Iran supports policy of talks to resolve issues. “Iran wants to solve disputes through dialogue peacefully,” said the Senator.

Kamil Ali Agha expressing his views said that Islamic Republic of Iran is right in saying that foreign intervention in the region is the basic reason for instability in the area.

The Senator went on to say that countries of region are fully capable to resolve their disputes without any foreign interference.

The Parliamentarian added that regional states should join hands to stop foreign intervention in the region.

Giving his opinion regarding the peaceful nuclear program of Iran, the political leader said that Iran is following all international laws regarding their enrichment program and is also ready for the inspection of nuclear installations.

“West must not doubt Iran’s stance over peaceful nuclear program and let the Islamic Republic develop its nuclear technology without any pressure,” he said.



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