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Any anti-Syria military move will burn Zionists, commander

Tehran, Aug 29, IRNA – Chief of Staff of Irans Armed Forces warned Washington and its allies against any attack on Syria, saying any military action against that country will burn the Zionist regime.

Major General Hassan Firouzabadi made the remarks while outlining the latest developments in Syria and the possibility of US attack on the country, a report by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said on Thursday.

Firouzabadi criticized the US policies while referring to strategic mistakes the US officials have made including their military expedition to the region and imposing war on Islamic countries.

All those mistakes have created more problems for the US nation, he said, adding that the high cost of the US imposed war on regional states have deepend the existing poverty in the US society.

The senior commander underlined that any new military operation in the region will inflict serious damage, stressing that all such moves would only benefit the Zionist regime.

He advised the US to avoid further massacre and bloodshed and concentrate on its own problems.

He then called on the US scholars and elites as well as the international society to find proper solutions to the problems made by the US leaders in the whole world.



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