Israel provoking US to wage war on Syria: Kevin Barrett

Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, an author and Middle East expert from Madison, the capital of the US state of Wisconsin, about the latest developments in Syria. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: First of all about who could have used these weapons – apparently the assessment according to Washington is based on the idea that the Syrian government has a large stockpile of chemical arms; that the insurgents don’t have the capability to launch this kind of an attack; but there are people who are asking couldn’t have been provided with the arms and the question there that Mr. Wolf (other Press TV guest) was also putting – What is your response to that?

Barrett: Wikileaks documents showed that high-level Western so-called security consultants and mercenary firms were planning as early as last Spring to launch a false-flag chemical attack in Syria, blame it on the Assad government and use that as a pretext to invade Syria.

And that appears to be exactly what has happened.

In this case Mr. Wolf is very badly misinformed if he thinks that the reason that the UN inspection team was turned back when they reached the so-called rebel-held area was because they came under fire from the Syrian government – that was escorting them? I’m sorry Sir, but they came under fire from the al-Qaeda rebels who launched this chemical weapons attack.

How do we know that? We know that because the Israelis, spoke up just a few minutes after the attack and blamed it on Assad and laid out their preferred road map to what should follow.

This is what the Israelis do every time they launch a major false flag attack, they get on the television just like Ehud Barak got on television just minutes after the planes hit the buildings on 9/11 – he was already in the BBC studio blaming al-Qaeda, calling for a “war on terror” and telling the US to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.

So, there is no question that in this case we are seeing the biggest Israeli false-flag attack since 9/11 and it is designed to accelerate this move towards world war III so that the Israelis can flee forward into world war to cover their tracks for the 9/11 inside job and they’re being exposed even today.

And now Russia and China are stepping forward and saying this was a false-flag attack, this was not done by Syria.

This idea that the Syrian government would use chemicals weapons that would cross the red line at exactly the moment that chemical weapons inspectors arrived in Syria is the worst kind of conspiracy theory.

If you (Mr. Wolf) believe that Assad would use chemical weapons at the exact moment that weapons inspectors arrived in Syria, you are out of your mind. You probably believed that Iraq had chemical weapons when Bush and Colin Powell were assuring us that they did – and that was a big lie and this is a big lie.

And you Sir are a big liar and arguably a war criminal for encouraging a war that could lead to world war III and propagandizing for war crimes. You should be ashamed of yourself, Sir. You are propagandizing for mass murder.

Press TV: We had references there to Bandar bin Sultan. What do you think about his role? We are hearing according to some reports – he is the Saudi intelligence chief – that he was mandated by the US to topple the Syrian government. Do you think there is a role here by Saudi Arabia?

Barrett: Absolutely. Bandar Bin Sultan’s nickname here in the US is ‘Bandar Bush’. He has been a major operative with the Bush crime family for decades and he is essentially a front-man for the Bush crime family and its allies in the US intelligence community who are actually a bunch of traitors who are opposed by all the patriots over here.

So, it seems quite likely that the treasonous wing of the powers that be here in the US and their Israeli puppet masters have indeed empowered Bandar and his friends to use their considerable corrupt money and influence to try to topple the Assad government.

But what’s really important here is that the Russians and the Chinese appear to be drawing a line in the sand and saying, “No, you can’t do this, we let you ravage the Middle East, kill millions in Iraq, destroy Syria, destroy Sudan etc etc, but we’re not going to let you destroy Syria and Iran. I’m sorry, but you’ve gone too far this time”.

Indeed, the Syrian government knows who its real enemy is. President Assad has said that if there is western intervention he will he will consider it an Israeli strike because he know exactly who is in control of this effort to overthrow him and he will target Israel. And Iran, Iraq and Lebanon will join him on targeting Israel.

Now, this of course is risking world war III since Russia and China are backing that alliance of those four countries. It’s a terribly dangerous time and it’s very important to demand that the truth about this alleged chemical attack, which echoes all of these nonsense false stories that we were told about WMDs in Iraq that justified a US invasion of Iraq. The truth about this be found. There should be no strike until that truth is found.

Press TV: A lot of people are asking now whether we are going to see this military strike take place. There is a lot of anticipation in the air. The thing is we are hearing about Obama talking about target updating; the insurgents say they’ve been consulted about targets.

Do you think that despite the consequences that you referred to earlier that this could turn into a regional war, even you said there, a bigger war – Do you think despite that the United States is going to strike?

Barrett: Well I didn’t think so three days ago. But I’m becoming more worried because it seems they are laying all the pieces in place for a strike and I should defer to Mr. Wolf and say that it isn’t just the Israeli’s who are a problem here it is also the hard-line faction here in the US.

It’s very much like the situation in 1962 regarding Cuba and Russia, when the majority of the Joint Chiefs of Staff wanted a nuclear war with Russia, a pre-emptive war to stop Russia from developing a big nuclear arsenal.

Today the US enjoys a massive military advantage on the world. And these crazy people like Lemnitzer (US General) who wanted to incinerate the planet in (Operation Northwoods) 1962 are willing to incinerate the planet today in order to try to preserve this US hegemony over the world. So the Israelis are provoking people like that to try to start this war.

All of us who want peace and stability in the world need to stand up against them and tell them no, we are drawing a red line on Syria – No war in Syria.

The Israelis have completely run US foreign policy since they staged the 9/11 coup d’état … Obama and Hagel have been holding the line against the neo-conservative Israelis who took over this country (the US) in a coup d’etat in 2001… Netanyahu invented the war on terror in 1979 at the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism.

Press TV: Could you be more clear about Israel’s role specifically in this Syrian situation right now as well just to give an answer to that question raised by Mr. Wolf?

Barrett: Israel wants to destabilize Syria and destabilize other Middle Eastern countries. It’s the Oded Yinon plan – look for that in the search engine. Israel’s strategic doctrine is to break up its neighboring countries into small Balkanized ethnic and sectarian units – That’s what they’re trying to do in Syria.

It is the Israelis who are behind the destabilization of Syria for obvious geo-strategic reasons.

By Press TV
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