FM: Sultan Qaboos may inform US of Iran’s views

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underlined usefulness of the recent talks between Iranian officials and Omani King Sultan Qaboos, and said the Omani King may transfer Tehran’s views on different issues, specially the regional developments, to the US officials.

Zarif told the Iranian state-run TV on Tuesday night when the officials of the friendly states come to Tehran, they usually discuss some points which relate to the US. Zarif described these talks as friendly discussions over international issues, saying that this does not mean they are conveying a message from the US to Iran or vice-versa.

He said neither the visiting deputy chief of the UN, Jeffrey D. Feltman, nor the Omani king were conveying any message from the US during their visits to Iran. “The dignity of the Omani king is too high to be a messanger.”

“The Omani King raised the views of the American side and other countries at the international level in his talks with the high-ranking Iranian officials and heard our views,” the Iranian foreign minister explained.

“And he may transfer these views (of ours) to the other sides in the talks he will have (with the Americans),” he added.

“This is the nature of bilateral and international relations,” Zarif stressed.

Meantime, he said that Iran and the US which have cut ties after the Islamic Revolution in Iran over three decades ago can transfer their messages officially through the Swiss embassy in Tehran which represents Washington’s interests in Iran.

Sultan Qaboos arrived in Tehran on Sunday for a three-day visit to meet with senior Iranian officials.

Sultan Qaboos, who was the first foreign leader visiting Iran since President Rouhani ascended to power, headed a high-ranking political and economic delegation during his three-day visit to Iran.

The Omani king left Tehran for Muscat on Tuesday.

By Fars News Agency


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