Parliament studying legal-political bill on 1953 British-US coup against Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian parliamentarians are studying the double-urgency of a bill requiring the government to ask for reparation from Britain and the US for their coup against the democratically-elected government of Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq 60 years ago.

The double-urgency bill which is being studied in the parliament today calls on the government to set up a committee to estimate within 6 months the financial and spiritual damage and losses inflicted on the Iranian nation by the US-British coup.

It also assigns the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission with carrying out the necessary studies on the CIA and MI6’s involvement in the 1953 coup and their other terrorist and destructive moves against Iran and informing the parliament of the results.

On August 15, 1953, the British and US intelligence agencies initiated a coup by the Iranian military (known as 28 Mordad coup), setting off a chain of events including riots in the streets of Iran’s capital, Tehran, that led to the overthrow and arrest of Mosaddeq four days later.

Recently new documents were released which confirm Washington’s role in the 1953 coup d’état against Mosaddeq.

The document, published on the US National Security Archive website, was initially released in 1981, but most of it was blacked out at the time, including an entire section on the coup.

Mosaddeq, convicted of treason, served three years in prison and died under house arrest in 1967.

The Iranian premier played a key role in the country’s 1951 movement that resulted in the nationalization of Iran’s oil industry, which had been mainly controlled by the British-owned Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), now known as BP.

When worldwide sanctions against Iran’s oil industry failed to force Mosaddeq to abandon the move, a plan was devised by Britain (codenamed ‘Operation Boot’) and the US (codenamed TPAJAX Project) to overthrow his government.

The coup saw the formation of an absolute US-backed monarchy under Iran’s last Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was overthrown by the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

By Fars News Agency


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