Iran warns against strike on Syria after gas attack

Iran news headlines on Tuesday include Iran warning over consequences of military intervention in Syria; country warning to Turkey over Syria military intervention; Iran’s human rights chief stressing over Ahmed Shaheed violation of professional codes of ethics; Turkish parliament speaker visiting Tehran; Tehran rejection of Israeli claim over using of Iranian chemical weapons in Syria; country electricity export to UAE; Araqchi emphasizing on  necessity of time and negotiations for resumption of Iran-Britain ties and country rejection of media allegations against Iranian national in Thailand.

Iran warns against military intervention in Syria

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has warned against the dire consequences of a potential foreign military intervention in Syria.


Iran warns Turkey to stay away from war on Syria

The Iranian foreign ministry cautioned Turkey and other regional states against the repercussions of joining any future war on Syria, saying such a move will merely serve the interests of the Zionist regime.


Human rights chief: Ahmed Shaheed violating professional codes of ethics

Secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council Mohammad Javad Larijani blasted the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, Ahmed Shaheed, for his biased reports, saying he has violated all principles his profession which stand on speaking out the truth.


Turkish parliament speaker to visit Tehran

Chairman of Turkeys Grand National Assembly Jamil Chichak is to pay an official visit to Tehran next month at the invitation of his Iranian counterpart Ali Larijani, according to Turkish media.


Tehran dismisses Israeli PM’s claims on use of Iranian chemical weapons in Syria

Tehran strongly rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s allegations that the Syrian government has used Iran’s chemical weapons against its own people, and said such remarks don’t even worth a response.


Iran to export electricity to UAE via submarine cable

A senior Iranian energy official said the country plans to export electricity to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) via submarine power cables.


Britain ties resumption takes time: Iran

Iran’s foreign ministry said Tuesday it would take time to resume ties with Britain severed in the aftermath of an attack on the British embassy in Tehran in 2011.


Tehran rejects media allegations against Iranian nationals in Thailand

Tehran dismissed the western media claims that two Iranian nationals tried in a Thailand court have been convicted for an attempted attack on the Israeli embassy in Bangkok, and said they have been arrested for other crimes.


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