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Iran a role model for Muslim world: Educationist

Islamabad, Aug 27, IRNA – A Pakistani educationist on Tuesday said that Iran is a role model for the Muslim world and the visit of Omani Sultan to Iran is the diplomatic success of the Islamic Republic.

Talking to IRNA, Dr. Lubna Abid Ali, Professor of International Relations at Quaid-e-Azam University said that western conspiracy to isolate Iran has been failed miserably.

The analyst said that it is very good to see that Sultan Qaboos wants to develop strong relations with Iran.

She said that US and its allies in the Middle East are wreaking havoc in Syria and Lebanon so at this juncture the visit of Omani king to Iran is very important.

The researcher went on to say that Oman has own interests in Iran and its relations with the Islamic republic would definitely benefit their economy.

Replying to a question she said that Islamic countries should support Iran’s peaceful nuclear program because developing nuclear technology is their basic right. Dr. Lubna Abid Ali expressing her views said that pressure on Iran’s nuclear program is baseless and the western states should remove sanctions from the Islamic Republic.

She said that Iran’s nuclear program is transparent and the IAEA inspectors have not found any evidence against the peaceful nature of Iranian nuclear program.

The analyst warned against American threat of physical intervention in Syria adding that the move would destabilize the whole region. She said that Syria and Lebanon are being punished for following anti-western policies. The educationist said that the disturbance in Syria is part of a conspiracy against Muslim world.

Dr. Lubna Abid said that foreign interference in the Middle East must come to an end. She urged Arab states to work closely with Iran to stop the western intervention in the affairs of Middle East.

The analyst said imperialist forces want to capture oil reserves of Middle Eastern states.

She said that Iran is a role model for the Muslim world. “Despite sanctions Iran is progressing in all sectors,” noted the scholar. The analyst said that western states are afraid of the progress of Iran.

She said that Iran has strong relations with all regional states which proves that western conspiracy to isolate Iran has been failed miserably.

Dr.Lubna Abid Ali has also served as the Director of Department of International Relations, Quaid-i-Azam University. Her Research Interests are Middle East, theories of comparative politics, research methodology, politics of Iran & South West Asia, global political economy, Islamic spirituality.



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