Iran today: Syria propaganda— watch from Takfiri executions to Prince Bandar & MI6

Iranian media continue to focus on the Syrian conflict, or rather putting out propaganda lines on the situation.

Some of the dramatic claims are based on reality, as in Press TV’s declaration, “Takfiris kill Shia Drivers Execution-Style in Syria: Video”.

[EA posted the video of the execution of three truck drivers by fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham on Sasturday.]

Press TV also draws on Western media to declare, “Turkey Used for Arms Transfer Into Syria“.

Some claims are a bit more far-fetched. Fars News Agency tries to connect Saudi Arabia — increasingly a target of its criticism — to British intelligence services: “Saudi Prince Bandar Meets MI6 Chief on Syria“:

At the meeting, the Saudi intelligence chief briefed Sawers on Riyadh’s latest moves on Syria, including the supply of over 400 tons of weapons to the militants in Syria via Turkey,” an informed source, who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of his information, told FNA.

“We have made the Syrian army engage in a civil war and of course this strategic mission could not be accomplished without your (MI6) cooperation,” the source quoted Prince Bandar as saying during the meeting.

Sunni Separatist Insurgent Group Claims Gunfight With IRGC In Sistan-Baluchestan

Claimed footage posted by media activists on behalf of Sistan-Baluchestan Sunni separatist insurgent group Harakat Ansar Iran (HAI) purports to show the group’s fighters engaged in a gunfight with Iranian security forces in the Sunni-dominated southeastern province.

A gunfight erupted between the Mujahideen of Harakat Ansar Iran and the Revolutionary Guards on 24/08/2013 at Maghrib time after the brothers ambushed their patrol.

The gunfight lasted approximately 10 minutes before the army retreated at the hands of the Mujahideen and the cowards can be seen running away at 00:35, 02:09, & 02:15 in the video. Alhamdulilah it was estimated that 3 – 4 of their soldiers were killed and alhamdulilah none of the brothers were injured.

The video does not give a location for the alleged incident.

The group has carried out a number of terror attacks against Iranian targets, mostly in the port city of Chabahar.

HAI has until now rarely if ever posted video footage of their operations, though media activists associated with the group have created and posted propaganda videos.

Rouhani Appoints New Head of Central Bank

The Rouhani Government has appointed Valiollah Seif as the new Governor of the Central Bank.

Seif has been the Managing Director of Karafarin Bank and Chairman of the Board of Future Bank B.S.C., and has held senior positions with other Iranian financial institutions.

He replaces Mahmoud Bahmani, who was beset by frequent criticism — amid difficulties over currency and foreign reserves — during his five years in office.

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