Turkish politician: PKK seeking to disintegrate Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- A prominent Turkish politician warned of the plots hatched by leaders of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) to disintegrate Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, and said the decision was taken after the terrorist group received Ankara’s permission for free operation.

“The PKK, which has gained more power for maneuvering after receiving the necessary guarantees from the government in Ankara and the Turkish army’s withdrawal to its bases, has deployed a major part of its forces in Northern Syria,” Oktay Öztürk, Deputy Head of Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party told FNA on Sunday.

The PKK aims to form an autonomous Kurdish government in Northern Syria, he said, and added, “The second stage of the so-called plan of ‘United Kurdistan’ entails separation of parts from Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.”

In relevant remarks in July, Deputy Head of Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party Adib Samih Yalcin accused Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of compromising with the separatist PKK, and warned that his moves are detrimental to the Turkish government and people.

“The Turkish nation is now aware that Erdogan is now a companion of the PKK, but the Turkish people will not allow their country undergo such developments and lose its values in line with the demands of the separatist PKK,” Yalcin told FNA in Istanbul at the time.

He underlined that Erdogan who is busy with peace talks with the PKK has forgotten the Turkish nation and is inflicting damage on the government, the country and the people.

The Turkish government began a new round of negotiations in October with imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Recently, Ocalan, who despite his 14 years in prison still wields enormous clout over the PKK as well as millions of nationalist Kurds in Turkey, called on the PKK members to lay down their arms and leave Turkey.

Speaking in a press conference in the Qandil Mountains – a PKK stronghold in Northern Iraq – on April 25, PKK armed wing chief Karayilan and several of his deputies officially declared that their members would withdraw from Turkey.

By Fars News Agency


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