Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon urges negotiated end to Syrian crisis

TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin said the current developments in Syria prove that the solution to the crisis in that country can only be attained through dialogue.

In an interview with Lebanese al-Diyar newspaper, Zasypkin added that the preparatory meeting for the conference which will be held on August 28th in the Hague by Russian and American officials will discuss political issues.

He noted that the Russians will ask the Americans to exert pressure on the opposition to agree on participating in the Geneva 2 Conference with no preconditions according to the Geneva Communiqué, adding that if the Americans failed to exert pressure on the opposition, the international conference will be postponed.

“The political assessment of the allegations on chemical weapons use would vary according to the interests of each side dealing with this issue and this is why technical assessment is required by UN inspectors who are currently present in Syria,” Zasypkin said.

By Fars News Agency


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