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Bullying powers seeking chaos in region, speaker

Tehran, Aug 25, IRNA – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said that the hegemonic powers are now trying to engulf the region in chaos in a bid to safeguard their own interests.

The speaker made the remarks while addressing the Sunday morning session of the Iranian parliament.

He said what happened in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon together with the recent developments in the region such as the recent blasts in Lebanon and discovery of weapons of mass destruction in Syria are in fact attempts to pave the way for the US adventurism.

Larijani added that Washington and Tel Aviv are after buying time for creating tensions and clashes among different tribes and groups.

He termed as disgusting the US war-mongering gestures and said it is thinking of triggering yet another war despite its failures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Stressing that nations are full aware of world developments nowadays, he said voices of the opposition groups could be clearly heard in Egypt where both sides are shouting out their hatred towards the US.



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