Amnesty International announced that 13 year old boy was tortured in Bahraini jail

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)– The Amnesty International announced that Salman Mahdi a 13 year old boy has been tortured in a Bahraini jail. According to Al-Aalam in a statement Amnesty International announced Salman Mahdi who was arrested last week will remain in jail for another week on the order of Bahraini Attorney General.

Salman’s family said at the time of his arrest Al-e-Khalifeh’s forces hit Salman on the face and wanted him to confess that he had worn a mask and had Molotov Cocktail and lighter in his position.

Salman’s family met him only once in jail and have no other news of his interrogation or his well-being. Salman’s family revealed that when they went to see him in jail the authorities claimed he was not there but suddenly he came out of a room and when he saw them he started calling his mother. According to the teenager’s family on the day when they visited Salman his father faced interrogation by the security forces to see if he was in receipt of any help from the state as well as questions about his other sons. This has caused outrage as the family spent most of the visiting time answering questions rather than being able to see their teenage son.

By Shafaqna


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