IRGC: Iran’s military might signifies futility of sanctions

THERAN (Tasnim) – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) praised the Iranian defense industry for its remarkable achievements, and stressed that Iran’s military might is a further proof that anti-Iran sanctions have failed to yield result.

“The realities about the country’s defense industries’ capability…signify the inefficiency of enemy’s sanctions,” the IRGC said in a Wednesday statement issued on the occasion of the National Day of the Defense Industry (August 22).

The statement also added that the valuable experience of defense sectors in capitalizing on indigenous capabilities to strengthen military might, could serve as a role model for other industrial and economic sections in the country and help Iranian nation thwart the project of anti-Iran sanctions.

In a separate statement issued on Wednesday, the Iranian Army said defense industries are now fully self-sufficient thanks to the efforts made by the Iranian technicians and engineers during the past 35 years in the country’s defense industries.

The statement added that advancements in the production of modern military equipments in various fields, including space, missile, ground, air and naval fields as well as different types of non-military products, such as satellites, satellite-carriers, passenger planes and different types of telecommunication and electronic devices have boosted Iran’s “honor and national might”.

By Tasnim News


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