Iran lowers data transit fee by 20-90 percent

Iran has lowered data transit fee for its neighboring countries by 20-90 percent in a bid to encourage them to communicate via Iran, the Fars News Agency quoted Iranian telecommunication official Mehdi Khodaee as saying.

The fee has be decreased 20-90 percent according to the length of route, the used capacity, and the duration of use, he added.

On August 1, the chief technology officer of .IR ccTLD Registry, Alireza Saleh said that Iran ranks first in the region in the number of domestic internet domains, IRNA news agency reported.

More than 400,000 domestic domains have been registered in Iran until now, he added.

Iran has surpassed countries such as Malaysia, Turkey, Slovakia, Greece, and Finland in terms of number of domestic internet domains, Saleh said, adding that, Iran is among the top four countries in the world with highest annual domestic internet domain growth rate.

Since 2005, Iran has been developing the “national internet” to improve control over its content as well as speed. The project, which is separate from the World Wide Web, was scheduled to be completed by 2013. This network will be separated from the rest of the internet specifically for domestic use.

By The Journal Of Turkish Weekly


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