Gasoline consumption up by 14.5 percent

TEHRAN (FNA)- The second wave of summer travels has raised gasoline consumption by 14.5 percent, the oil ministry said, adding that daily gasoline consumption in Iran now stands at 71.7 million liters.

Managing director of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) Mostafa Kashkouli made the remarks, adding that the figure is the highest in Summer since 2007 when gasoline was rationed.

“This amount of consumption is 14.5 percent higher in comparison with 62 million liters of daily gasoline consumption during the week ended on August 6, last days of holy month of Ramadan,” the NIOPDC chief executive said.

“Given the increase in inter-city travels in Summer and the resultant growing gasoline consumption, the NIOPDC is closely watching the product’s distribution across the country, especially in populated tourist resorts, to make sure of offering desirable services to the travelers.”

Total gasoline consumption hit 500 million liters during the week ended on Aug 16, up by more than 20 million liters against a week earlier.

Gasoil consumption followed the same pattern and rose to 768.4 million liters over the mentioned week, up by 62.2 million liters against a week earlier.

The NIOPDC’s data indicated that kerosene and fuel oil consumption stood at respectively 40.2 and 347 million liters over the week.

By Fars News Agency


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