Two Salafi parties declared their support for Egyptian army

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Two Salafi parties asked Egyptians to support the army. Egypt’s official news agency MENA announced that Al-Nour and Al-Da’awy Al-Salafia parties realised that the national interest of Egyptians lies in supporting the army.

According to Xinhua reporting from Cairo the two Salafi parties issued a joint statement in which they declared that the Egyptian army is the most united army in the Arab world.

The statement added that for the interest of the Islamic world and Egypt the two parties ask people to support the Egyptian army. The statement by the two Salafi parties issued after supporters of the deposed President Morsi asked people to take part in widespread demonstrations against the Egyptian army. The Salafi parties also asked for efforts to start the process of national reconciliation and warned against carrying weapons in demonstrations.

By Shafaqna


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