Photos: Iran in the past week

August 11- August 18
Pictures below show Iran events in the past week, including Irans national mens basketball team win in 2013 FIBA Asian Championship; Majlis debating Rouhani’s cabinet, Iran parliament approval of Rouhani’s cabinet & rejection of three;  President Rouhani introducing of M.J.Zarif as New foreign minister; farewell Ceremony of ex- Guidance Miniser Hosseini; Iranian students holding demo for condemnation of Egypt crackdown; President Rouhani in the Expediency Council session and Iran’s new cabinet first meeting.


Iran’s national men’s basketball team win 2013 FIBA Asian Championship


Majlis debates confidence vote to 11th administration’s Cabinet

حضور حسن روحانی رئیس جمهور در جلسه مجلس شورای اسلامی


Iran parliament approves big Rouhani cabinet nominees, rejects three


President Rouhani introduces M.J.Zarif as New foreign minister

A farewell Ceremony was conducted for ex- Guidance Miniser (L) Hosseini


Demonstrations in Tehran condemning the killing of Muslims in Egypt


Rouhani promises to heed recommendations of Expediency Council



Government holds first session with focus on improving standard of life, President promises hard work