National talks, only way to settle Egypt crisis- statement

Tehran, Aug 18, IRNA – The Islamic Propagation Coordination Council said in a statement on Sunday that commitment to Constitution, respect for peoples votes and holding national talks are only ways to settle the existing crisis in Egypt.

The statement also condemned killing of innocent people by the Egyptian army.

There is no doubt that the one-year presidency of the ousted Mohamed Morsi was full of mistakes and wrong policies and that Morsi had missed a number of opportunities, but the fact is that he was elected through a free democratic election, it added.

If Morsi and his team had exercised wrong policies in administering the countrys affairs, his overthrow should have been done through legal channels not by a minority group affiliated to the West and supported by bulling powers, the statement reiterated.

Undoubtedly, the current approach adapted by different groups as well as Egyptian government and army will lead to a civil war in that Islamic state, the statement noted, warning against conspiracies hatched by the enemies aiming to sow discord among various groups and tribes.

It further urged international bodies including the United Nations to halt massacre of the oppressed civilians and prevent extremist moves.



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