Bahraini forces use poisonous gases against protesters

Bahraini protesters hold pictures of jailed human rights activists during an anti-regime demonstration south of Manama, June 27, 2013.

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Bahraini security forces used poisonous gases in their confrontations with peaceful protesters taking part in Tamarrod (Defiance) rallies on August 14, eye witnesses said.

Al-Khalifa security and military forces, supported by Saudi troops stationed in the country, used poisonous gasses on Wednesday in their encounters with protesters in Sitra island village, according to al-Wifaq National Islamic Society.

Several protesters– mostly very young Bahraini citizens in Sitra, such as Ali Jafar Haib, 10 — were killed after inhaling those gases.

But the residents of Sitra have braved the crackdown and violent measures deployed by the security forces, and decided to continue with their protest rallies.

The Sitra village is a small island whose residents have always resisted against Al-Khalifa forces and many of those killed in the course of Bahrain’s  revolution are from this island, which is of great strategic importance to the regime.

Earlier, Hadi al-Musawi,a prominent Bahraini political leader said people of his country are after reform in the political structure of the Persian Gulf state, with an emphasis on establishment of a law-abiding government.

“We demand change in the country’s political structure from a dictatorial regime to a law-abiding government,” he told Tasnim today.

The Bahraini activist also noted that government in a law-abiding political structure should be formed through elections and “bring security for all the citizens.”

By Tasnim News 


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