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US drone strike kills two in Yemen

At least two people have been killed in an airstrike carried out by a US terror drone in Yemen’s southern Shabwa province.

The incident took place late on Monday after the US drone targeted a car, a local official said, adding that the vehicle was completely destroyed and the two men inside were killed.

A surge in the US drone attacks have killed at least 37 people in the country over the past two weeks.

The assassination drone attacks mainly targeted Yemen’s central province of Marib and eastern province of Hadramawt.

In an interview with Press TV, Richard Becker of the Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) Coalition said that the US drone attacks in Yemen constitute a “form of terrorism” and qualify as “war crimes.”

Becker said that under the US Constitution, Congress has to declare war on another country for a state of war to exist and if a state of war does not exist then in fact those actions are crimes against international law.

He also noted that the most comprehensive studies show that the vast majority of people being killed by the drone strikes are in fact civilians.

The United States often uses its assassination drones to hit targets in Yemen and some other countries, including Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Washington claims the drones target “militants,” but the facts on the ground show that civilians are frequently killed in the airstrikes.

According to the Washington-based New America Foundation, the US killer drone attacks in Yemen almost tripled in 2012.

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