Saudis boost oil output to finance civil conflicts across Middle East

Saudi Arabia reportedly plans to use the proceeds from its recent production hike of 400,000 barrels-per-day (bpd) to fund its supply of weapons to the militants waging war inside Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon.

The development comes amid reports by informed sources that the Persian Gulf kingdom has put the head of its intelligence agency and former Washington Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan in charge of waging the domestic conflicts within the Middle Eastern nations.

According to press reports on Sunday, Saudi Arabia has increased its crude oil production by 400,000 bpd in the past month while the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has announced a decline in its oil demand.

According to these reports, Saudi oil production reached a whopping 9,990,000 bpd in July following the major production hike.

This is while news reports have revealed plans by Saudi national oil company, ARAMCO, to further increase its daily oil production by 550,000 bpd in the next four years.

The US-backed Saudi regime is widely suspected of financing and supplying weapons and logistics to armed al-Qaeda-linked Takfiri militants involved in bombings and other atrocities in Middle Eastern nations.

“They (the Saudi regime has) turned Arabia [in]to a big, sort of, military base for the United States of America to attack its neighbors,” said an Ireland-based author and Middle East expert Saeb Shaath in a Sunday interview with Press TV.

“From the very beginning of the establishment of the kingdom,” Shaath added, “the Saudis have brought bloodshed to the surrounding countries and they are in total alliance with these Zionists and the Americans and some of the other Western powers.”

“Saudi Arabia is sponsoring sectarian incitement in Iraq and this has partners such as Turkey and Israel as well, Emirates who finance, train and support the terror forces in Iraq,” he further noted.

Iraq has been struggling with a major surge of terror bombings and other violence since the beginning of this year. Over 670 people have been killed in the holy month of Ramadan alone.

Meanwhile, American sponsors of the Saudi dictatorship have repeatedly acknowledged the kingdom’s role in backing US agendas in numerous Middle Eastern countries.

By Press TV


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