Majlis debates information minister nominee Va’ezi

Iranian lawmakers have begun reviewing the qualification of President Hassan Rouhani’s proposed nominee for the position of information and communications technology minister, Mahmoud Va’ezi.

The reviewing session started in Iran’s Majlis on Tuesday.

Behrooz Ne’mati, an opponent of the proposed nomination, said, “There are serious weaknesses in the plans of the proposed minister that must be criticized and reconsidered; there are questions and ambiguities that Mr. Va’ezi, as a well-known diplomat in internal and international circles, had better answer.”

Ne’mati also questioned the nominee’s plans for developing information technology for Iran’s rural areas.

Meanwhile, Seyyed Baqer Hosseini, a lawmaker supporting the nomination, lauded Va’ezi’s experience and educational background and said the nominee had gained the necessary experience at the Iranian Foreign Ministry as the deputy foreign minister for European and American affairs between 1989 and 1997.

Hosseini also said the nominee’s plans were based on the Islamic Republic’s Fifth Five-Year Economic Development Plan.

Va’ezi, said in his defense that developing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is among one of the priorities of the Ministry, which will lead to an improvement in providing services, as well as efficiency and the reduction of costs.

He also stressed the importance of developing network infrastructure, elaborating his plans for providing services to the Iranian citizens and creating an “electronic government.”

On Monday, Majlis reviewed the qualifications of Rouhani’s nominee for Ministry of Education Mohammad Ali Najafi, who presented his defense later on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, President Rouhani also arrived on the Majlis floor during the Tuesday debate and was welcomed by Speaker Ali Larijani.

Rouhani submitted the list of nominees for the Cabinet during his inauguration ceremony in Majlis on August 4.

By Press TV


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