Iranian envoy calls for expansion of media ties with Moldavia

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Accredited Ambassador to Moldavia Akbar Qassemi underlined the need for the further expansion of bilateral relations between Iran and Moldavia, specially in media fields.

“Good steps have been taken for boosting media cooperation between Iran and Moldavia and a Moldavian delegation will visit Iran soon,”  Qassemi said, addressing a press conference on Tuesday.

“During my visit to Moldavia, I met with a number of senior Moldavian officials in addition to attending several media programs and press conferences, and found good areas for boosting mutual cooperation between the two sides,” the Iranian envoy added.

Last year, senior Iranian and Moldavian agricultural officials reiterated the two nations’ enthusiasm and preparedness to implement joint farming projects.

The two countries’ strong desire for cooperation was shown in a meeting between Iran’s visiting Deputy Minister of Agricultural Jihad Jahangir Porhemmat and the Moldavian agriculture minister, during which they discussed different ways to bolster the two nations’ cooperation in the field of agriculture.

The Iranian and Moldavian officials also discussed implementation of joint projects in cereal production, bio nanotechnology applications in agriculture, pesticide, herbicide, plant diseases and production and supply of cattle, fish and bird vaccines for Moldavia, holding educational workshops and training courses, cattle-breeding, manufacturing farming products in Moldavia as well as cooperation in many other fields, including export of agricultural products to Iran.

During the meeting, the Moldavian side praised Iran’s capabilities in various areas of agro technologies, including green-house plantation and production of various kinds of seeds, and the Iranian side voiced the country’s readiness to share its experiences in agricultural, poultry and animal husbandry industries with Moldavia.

By Fars News Agency


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