Iran to mass produce first leishmanial nanodrug

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran plans to mass produce the first home-made anti-leishmanial nanodrug in the near future, built by researchers at Mashahd Medical Sciences University.

The drug is an anti-parasitic leishmania medicine with good anti-leishmania properties, said Head of Nanotechnology Studies Center of Mashahd Medical Sciences University Mahmoudreza Jafari, adding, the usual and common forms of the drug cannot be taken in by the skin and fail to treat the disease well.

The medicine is produced in nanoliposome form and can be absorbed by the skin which leads to efficient treatment. The project had shown good results in cases of mice.

This is the first medicine which has proved effectively in cutaneous leishmaniasis. The medicine also worked well on some people suffering the disease.



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